Google Underwater – Everything you should know!

Well, it’s completely certain that you might be living under the rock if you have not heard of Google Underwater. Its an exciting easter egg from Google, which entitles its users into a fun activity. Google Underwater is a fun game / easter egg which allows users to know more about aquatic life and explore the other bright side of this world.

The bright side of this easter egg / game is that it can also be used as an educational purpose for kids under the age of 6. They will get to know about a plethora of aquatic creatures and even the concept of submersion / buoyancy. Also, not to mention about the fact of learning how to preserve this aquatic beauty!

What is Google Underwater Gravity?

Now it’s quite obvious for you to wonder that what exactly is Google Underwater Gravity? Well, it is another one of Google’s easter eggs and this one is quite fun an interesting. What it does is, that it lets you submerge the entire search bar and the webpage elements into deep-sea or specifically an ocean. You can click on the waters and form waves and fun stuff like that.

Google Underwater

Moreover, Google Underwater Gravity, let’s you learn more about aquatic life by encouraging animated elements like sharks, fishes, coral-animals and all that. It is quite a boon for school kids to enjoy while learning more about the aquatic world. Also, it would help them preserve these aquatic creatures for more ages to come. Therefore, schools should inculcate these small elements in their course curriculum.

What Aquatic Creatures can you see in Google Water?

Well, you can see a hell lot of aquatic creatures in Google Water. These creatures could be mammoth sharks, whales, coral fishes, octopuses, dolphins, seals and etc. Google water is very fun for kids especially as a learning purpose. Also, it is very easy to use and learn stuff.

Google likes to engage its users with these small tit-bits. They want their users to be engaged to the platform for maximum user retention and hence they will do their best. Being a big company, they certainly know that small engaging games like these, will make the user enjoy for sure.

How to play Google Gravity Underwater?

Google Gravity Underwater is a very fun game and it can be played as follows:

  1. First you will need to go to
  2. Then you will have to search term “Google Gravity Underwater” or “Google Underwater”
  3. Now just select the “I’m feeling lucky” button instead of the normal “Google Search” Button
  4. There you are into the beautiful world of Google Gravity Underwater. Enjoy your visit here. Here you will see that all the elements are submerged in the water and aquatic creatures of all sorts floating around them. Also, you can create waves by clicking anywhere on the water.

Google Gravity Underwater “I’m Feeling Lucky”?

Only should be utilized to fix the “I’m feeling lucky button” problem, not any of the country-specific Google sites. You may locate the solution by using Google. Simply search for Google on, and the answer will appear as the first result. Simply click on that to see the “I’m feeling lucky” button.

Thus, after completing the above steps, you should be able to locate the “I’m feeling lucky” button.

What exactly is a Google Underwater Easter Egg?

Apart from the delectable chocolate confection that many of us enjoy throughout the Easter season, the word “Easter egg” has an entirely different connotation when it comes from Google.

An Easter Egg is a hidden element in a game or a film — or, in this case, in Google Search or another of the company’s products. Typically, these hidden gems are discovered by word of mouth or entirely by coincidence.

You’ll find instructions throughout this page on how to activate a plethora of different Google Easter eggs. Determine how many you are already familiar with, and then have fun activating the ones you are new with. There are several Easter eggs scattered in Google’s search results like do a barrel roll, Google gravity, Goglogo, etc. Google Underwater is a same type of Easter egg.

Java-script use in Google Underwater!

It’s incredible to see how engineers at Google were able to accomplish this feat only via the use of java-script. You are aware that Java-script is a fairly messed-up language. If you began your programming career with java-script, you are on track to develop some poor coding abilities. However, it is a basic internet language without which we would be unable to have such interactive webpages as we have today.

It’s also pretty remarkable to watch how, when this game is activated, all of the components on the website naturally get submerged in water, thus showing how submersion works. However, knowledge of a broad subject such as buoyancy and submersion, is insufficient. It’s excellent for demonstrating to kindergarten kids.

Additionally, they may experiment with other Google Easter Eggs and learn a thing or two about science. Our schools, in particular, must adapt to these new modes of learning and reimagine education.

Is Google Water game worth it?

This is a harmless prank that you may use to deceive your friends and family. It is available for download through Google Play. Following the directions above, access the Google page for undersea. As you can see, the page’s contents are completely submerged. What’s more, you can interact with them just by moving your cursor over them.

Google is always attempting to differentiate themselves in the market with Easter Eggs and April Fool’s Day surprises, and it works very well for them. Whatever field you are in, you must do something special to catch your audience’s attention. To be clear, you must still have an exceptional product or service before attempting to use these marketing methods.

These marketing strategies will fail if consumers discover that you are selling a substandard product or service later on. The moral of the tale is to create an incredible product and approach marketing differently. Additionally, you have a better probability of success if you proceed in this manner.