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Placement Your Keywords As Well As Phrases

Lots of people begin to build links when they want to get a better search engine ranking, when in fact these men and women should first make sure their site is optimized correctly. Inserting your keywords properly all over your website should be able to help you get a greater ranking in the search engines. In this article we’re going to be covering a few ways to place your keywords on your website to get more love from the search engines.

The first thing the majority of you probably already know is that you should have the keyword or keyword phrase within the URL of the site. And this also goes for blogs because many bloggers target an unique keyword for every post they make. This is very simple to do with a wordpress platform since you can change the link while your writing your post.

You also have to be conscious of all the tags on your web page including the header tags like the H1, H2 and also the H3 tags. All those tags listed must have your keywords inside them. What this tends to do will be to help the search engine spiders notice that the first thing on your website or page is your keywords.

I am sure most of you are aware that you need to stick to the first sentence rule. This generally means that any page you develop should have the keyword or keyword phrase within the first sentence of the content. However, even though you may already realize that, there is one more rule you probably do not know about which is the last sentence rule. It uses the same action of the earlier rule however, obviously this concerns the last sentence on the site.

There’s an additional factor you need to handle called the keyword density and this is also important. Basically this is how many times you have your keyword or keyword phrase imprinted all the way through your content. A good standard for the keyword density is always to guarantee that it stays between 3 and 5 percent. Keyword stuffing happens when you simply add the keyword to just about every sentence and the search engines may penalize you for that.

Something else you will want to take care of is how you format each of the keywords on the page. Through out your content or site make certain all but 1 example of your keywords are either bold, italic or underlined. This means that just about each and every time there is a keyword on your website, it should also be utilizing one of the formats stated above. The key here is to use a different format each time you work with the keyword. Utilizing just one of these types of formats may help a little however, you really should make use of all of them.

There you have it, if you stick to these simple suggestions you will find that you will be able to improve your search engine positioning for your site or web page. Obviously you will not want to forget about that for every page your trying to rank, you need to be building back-links to that particular web page, not just the home page.

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